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VIP Interview Service

Secure your spot at the front of the line now.

This offering is ideal if you have tight timing for a scheduled interview or want more immediate access.

We enjoy providing the free service to customers as they prepare for an interview that will hopefully change the trajectory of their lives. Unfortunately we only have so many hours in a day we can commit to a free service.

By signing up for the VIP Service you will get:

  • Immediate access to more calendar slots for scheduling
  • Next day turn around for your follow-up session
  • Additional preparation materials not provided to our free customers
  • Written feedback on Amazon writing assignment (for Amazon interviewees)
  • Salary negotiation session (:30)

Once you purchase, you will be signed up in our system with two sessions. From there, you can set up your session times for your most convenient time slot.

What People Are Saying:

What you're offering is super valuable not only in the huge amount of feedback but also in just getting the confidence for these BIG interviews. Honestly, when I think about interviewing nothing really rattles me the way interviewing at Amazon does. Thanks for listening to my concerns and talking me through it. I'd tell [others] the feedback is candid and direct and that you get A LOT out of the service (videos, written feedback, notes, and 1 on 1 time). I'd also tell them that I didn't find there to be much "fluff" around your process or the delivery of your coaching.

Dave M.

Absolutely -this was an invaluable experience - The interview was very real and intense. I didn't expect anything lesser since I've seen so many of your videos. I feel this is the only way to really get better. InterviewAt mock interview is the only way to really get better at interviews. What you end up learning in this 45 -1 hr interview, is significantly more than what you would get if you did mocks with Coaches, other interview prep platforms. In my opinion it is a must do, even after it's only available as a paid service.

Sahij G.

Brandon keeps you honest…he has the ability to adapt the questioning to the job req that the interviewee is considering in an effort to make the dialogue and questions relevant to the role.

John C.

I would highly recommend this service to my friends and colleagues who are pursuing careers outside of higher education! I would tell them that it is a great, thoughtful, and engaging way to step up your interviewing skills and that Brandon is an expert interviewer!

Leigh D.

1. I found a coach on youtube. He has a tremendous amount of experience as a product leaders at multiple FAANG companies and start-ups. He is offering BQ mock interviews for free. I found his critics are really helpful and very close to the actual interview. Here is his channel. xxx link. I appreciate your time. I would make two suggestions. 1. I found your video extremely valuable but I still struggle to improve my answers. I feel watching good storytelling is more inspiring to me to think of my own experience. It is just how I think. I wish you could have a few more videos to showcase good storytelling. 2. On the other hand, I found it difficult to use the correct keywords to package my experience. As I am in Healthcare, the metrics or things that we do may not have the same name as technology companies. For example, in healthcare, we call observation or interviews shadowing and time study, but in technology, it is voice-of-customer interviews or discovery meetings. It's a minor thing, but it actually improves communication much better. It reduces the mental workload for an interviewer to digest my story. This ties back to the 1st suggestion. The more good stories that I listen to, the better I can speak in good product managers' language.

Muyuan L.