What are the Keys to a Great Interview?

Don't leave preparation to chance when you have a potentially life cahnging event in front of you

Stories That Impress

Story selection for an interview means matching experiences and scale to the company/interviewer expectations.

 Honest Feedback

Get direct and actionable feedback to ensure that when the interview is for real you will do your best.


Effective Storytelling

Learn how to be perceived as a highly valued potential team member to a new company.

How Can InterviewAt Help?

Ideal For Those Who Can Wait Or Are On A Budget

Mock Interview

A video-based mock interview conducted by a former senior executive of multiple Fortune Global 500 companies. The interview is heavily biased toward behavioral and competency testing.

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Ideal For Those Who Like to Learn by Example

Interview Library

Wondering how other candidates show up in interviews? Do you want to see how an executive would have evaluated them based on their answers? The Interview Library has a large (and always growing) content library of mock interviews broken down by leadership principle that you can watch as your own pace. Learn from others what to do more of, do less of, start doing, and stop doing.

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Ideal For Those Who Have Immediate Need

VIP Service

You have an interview coming up SOON and need help NOW. You don't want to wait for a free open slot. You need help as quickly as possible.

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Ideal For Those Who Want Low Stress Practice

Rapid Story Review

Nervous about a full mock interview? Want to test out some new stories? This is a streamlined service for you. Get the questions, get comfortable, and record your answers.


InterviewAt Sample Sessions

Senior Product Manager

Leadership Principle: Delivers Results

Target: FAANGM

Question asked: Tell me about a time when you were working toward project completion or goal and were more than halfway there but realized it may not be the right path or you discover potential new unintended consequences.

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The Trouble With Interview Loops

Whether you were contacted by a recruiter, executive search firm, or submitted your resume to the company yourself, there's nothing worse than putting in so much effort to prepare for an interview loop and receiving absolutely nothing for feedback.

The InterviewAt process is very detailed and meant to highlight areas of focus for the candidate based on role and level. We use the Amazon Leadership Principles for interview structure and feedback delivery.

The candidate will receive an executive level evaluation of their interview and a clear set of go-dos for how to improve their preparation for the real interview.

Real Reviews from Customers

We are humbled by their trust

"Phenomenal use of time. I love getting outside perspective and feedback on how I interview and found this invaluable. I would tell them that if they are going to be interviewing or interviewing others that they must take this "course" with Brandon. It will be extremely valuable." 

Eytan S.

Director Product Management

"Preparing for my mock interview with InterviewAt was an invaluable exercise due to the unique Amazonian behavioral Q&A format.  Brandon's screening style as a seasoned tech exec provides not only immense value to the interviewee, but also all interviewers.  I personally see InterviewAt as a fantastic resource for not only candidates, but also recruiters, hiring managers, or anyone screening candidates in any industry." 

Jim S.

Sr. Business Coach

"I found a coach on YouTube. He has a tremendous amount of experience as a product leader at multiple FAANG companies and start-ups. He is offering mock interviews for free. I found his critics are really helpful and very close to the actual interview." 

Muyuan L.

Sr. Product Manager
Targeting FAANG

"Yes, I do recommend this service. It definitely gives you a real interview experience, you can expect pressure, real questions, a real good insight on how Amazon (my case) actually works, what can you expect from the real interview. It prepares you in a better way to accomplish your goal." 

Juan Carlos G.

Business Development Manager

"I would highly recommend this service to my friends and colleagues who are pursuing careers outside of higher education! I would tell them that it is a great, thoughtful, and engaging way to step up your interviewing skills and that Brandon is an expert interviewer!" 

Leigh D.

Recent Grad School Graduate
Targeting Project Management

More Sample Sessions

Senior Program Manager

Leadership Principle: Insists on High Standards

Target: Tech industry

Question asked: Tell me about a time you led a continuous improvement project.

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Why Trust InterviewAt?

Top Schools, Top Companies

Our education credentials and amazing executive level work experience has been the fuel for developing the frameworks for how to evaluate talent. With our mock interview you get a one on one mock interview that is designed to feel real.

No softball questions here. You will receive notes taken during the interview, a full written assessment of what would have been read into the room of hiring managers, and a follow-on call to discuss actions you can take to further stand out in your interview process.

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Software Development Engineer

Leadership Principle: Dives Deep

Target: Amazon

Question asked: Tell me about a time you were trying to understand a problem on your team and you had to go down several layers to figure it out.

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