The InterviewAt Experience

Curious what it's like going through an interview with InterviewAt? Here's a part of an interview with a candidate for a Vice President of Product / Chief Product Officer role with a specific focus on Think Big. The feedback in the video is a summary of the detailed feedback given to the candidate in our follow-up session.

Get The Feedback You Deserve

A consistent complaint about any interview loop is the lack of feedback provided to you as the candidate. We provide you depth feedback based on decades of experience building high performing teams.

Standing out from the other candidates is often about what you say, how you say it, and understanding that the question you were asked is only a small piece of the puzzle.

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Benefit From Our Experience

Top education credentials and amazing executive level work experience has been the fuel for developing the frameworks for how to evaluate talent. With our Prep Service you get a one on one mock interview that is designed to feel real. No softball questions here. You will receive notes taken during the interview, a full written assessment of what would have been read into the room of hiring managers, and a follow-on call to discuss actions you can take to further stand out in your interview process.

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