Receiving No Interview Feedback

Whether you were contacted by a recruiter, executive search firm, or submitted your resume to the company yourself, there's nothing worse than putting in so much effort to prepare for a loop and then hearing absolutely nothing for feedback.

The InterviewAt process is very detailed and meant to highlight areas of focus for the candidate based on role and level. By leaning heavily on the Amazon Leadership Principles for interview structure and feedback delivery, the candidate will receive an executive level evaluation of their interview.

Coming out of the process, the candidate will have a clear set of go-dos for how to improve their preparation for the real interview. In some cases, a candidate performs so well that we use our network of contacts to reach out directly to companies and VC/private equity firms to make connections.

What Does This Cost?

This all started when COVID first hit. It was clear that there were going to be many people looking for work and I wanted to give back in a way that I knew was valuable and unique. InterviewAt is it. For now the price of the mock interviews remains absolutely free. You read that right. FREE.

What is Prep Service

Mock Interview

A video-based mock interview conducted by a former executive of multiple Fortune Global 500 companies. You should prepare for this as you would any job interview and be ready to be challenged. The interview is heavily biased toward behavioral and competency testing.

Follow-Up Session

This is where you get the details of how you show up in an interview. You will have received all of the verbatim notes taken during the interview, and then we will walk through the assessment that I would have been given in a candidate debrief.

Report & Recordings

What better way to know how you show up in an interview than to watch it on demand? You will get a full report with the notes taken during the interview and the debrief assessment, as well as recordings of the interview and follow-up session.

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How Real Do These Interviews Feel?

Below I have provided clips from interviews combined with the summary of feedback that is given to the candidates during the feedback session. Next to each video is the actual review given by the candidate to InterviewAt upon the conclusion of their feedback session.

VP Product Management

5 Stars

"Phenomenal use of time. I love getting outside perspective and feedback on how I interview and found this invaluable. If [you] are going to be interviewing or interviewing others [you] must take this course."

Sr. User Experience Researcher

5 Stars

"I recommend the service for high caliber feedback and coaching on behavioral interviewing. The questions are challenging and not "cookie-cutter" which forces you to be your authentic self in answering them. This is what hiring managers are looking for. The feedback was incredibly thorough and provided useful guidance for improvement."

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Sr. Software Engineer

5 Stars

"This was definitely a valuable use of time as the feedback and detail you provide is impossible to get as a candidate.

I have already recommended your service to several teammates - we're all aware of how rare and valuable this type of feedback is.

I would say - [InterviewAt] provides the viewpoint of a hiring manager - thoroughly breaks down the behavioral interview and provides feedback in a way that an individual contributor would never receive from a real interview."

Sr. Business Development Manager

5 Stars

"Yes, ABSOLUTELY recommend! The interview was appropriate and challenging, and the feedback was very excellent mock-interview service that will help sharpen interview skills via on-point feedback."

Still Need Convincing?

Candidates are provided with coaching feedback as well as the feedback that would have been read into the room about them in a candidate debrief. This is a sample from the candidate debrief for a VP Engineering candidate. In a report a candidate will receive feedback on six leadership principles which hare the focus of the interview.

In this case, the, the principle was Insist on the Highest Standards, defined as: Leaders have relentlessly high standards — many people may think these standards are unreasonably high. Leaders are continually raising the bar and drive their teams to deliver high quality products, services, and processes. Leaders ensure that defects do not get sent down the line and that problems are fixed so they stay fixed. 

[Candidate Feedback Report] Insist on the Highest Standards - Part of the challenge in managing very large orgs is having consistency in how feedback is generated and delivered. The candidate demonstrated that they use a very clear framework for evaluating potential issues in their org, and identifying when to dive deep with downline managers/team members. Further, in recognizing (it presented as implicitly in the interview, but there is little doubt this is an explicit decision) that teams should have a reduced set of OKRs to ensure that they are never confused about on what they should work and what is most important, candidate demonstrated that the standards are set and teams can be held accountable. There is not an amorphous pile of targets. Additionally, the almost throw-away comment about avoiding having cascading OKRs further cements the notion that candidate is a leader who has little confusion within their teams about how people are being measured and whether or not they will be held accountable.

If you want to see a redacted sample report, you can get a copy here.

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